Thao Walker

Behind the Scenes

Moving from Australia to Hong Kong with her family over 7 years ago, Thao now considers herself fortunate to have two wonderful countries she can call home. 

Having spent most of her childhood outdoors—running, jumping, playing multiple sports—and a lot of her spare time climbing and swinging from trees or all things climbable, turning to aerials arts seemed like an obvious next progression.  

Thao has been training in aerial silks, aerial hoop and hammock consistently for the past 7 years and when time permits, pole, aerial rope, static and flying trapeze, as well as acro-balancing.

A keen and passionate instructor who believes fitness is for life, Thao thoroughly enjoys passing on her aerial experiences to others, always aiming to improve both herself and her students’ skill sets.

Thao in action

Patient and encouraging, Thao is always striving to look at the bigger picture and finds excitement in breaking down aerial moves and sequences to manageable pathways that everybody can achieve. In her classes, expect a strong focus on ensuring students develop a solid foundation to pursue aerial movements and transitions. Be it building strength or stability in your technique, Thao has you covered!

She is inspired by…

The motto: “Work hard. Play harder. Show up! Use it or lose it so just keep moving!”

Thao teaches

  • Aerial Silks

  • Aerial Hoop

  • Aerial Hammock

  • Kids Aerial