We are Hong Kong's #1 destination for pole, aerial arts, acrobatics, dance and fitness classes. 

Since opening its doors in 2010, Aerial Arts Academy is considered the premier artistic dance school for breakthrough aerial arts, dance, acrobatics and fitness classes such as pole, hoop, silk, aerial hammock, flyoga and Acro circus.

Bringing you the most up to date fitness styles from across the world, with international partner studios and instructors, Aerial Arts Academy provides high quality, professionally taught, licensed classes using the latest equipment. And for those who want to prepare themselves for the stage; the best annual ticket entry student showcase in the country.

Offering the most diverse classes with an experienced international team, you will not only boost your fitness, self esteem and body confidence, you will leave each class empowered, motivated and proud of what you can achieve. 

Aspire. Achieve. Accomplish. Aerial Arts Academy.

We look forward to meeting you!