Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Pay as you go credits?

All of our Pay-As-You-Go Classes are given a credit value.  Usually our 60-minute Aerial, Pole and 75-minute premium classes are valued at 3-Credits, whilst 60-minute Burlesque, Conditioning (Strength and Flexibility), Sexy Chair and 50-minute classes are valued at 2-Credits.


2. How do i buy Pay As You Go credits?

It's very easy to join us! Go to our SCHEDULE page to choose the class or classes you would like to attend and our system will guide you through the rest.

The more credits you buy. The more you save (especially if you would like to come more than once a week). Our credit system works like this:

1-5 credits = HK$100 per credit. Expires 2 weeks from purchase.

6 credit pack = HK$570 per pack (HK$95 per credit). Expires 1 month from purchase.

12 Credit Pack = HK$1080 per pack (HK$90 per credit). Expires 2 months from purchase.

24 Credit Pack = HK$2050 (HK$85 per credit). Expires 3 months from purchase.

48 Credit Pack = HK$3600 (HK$75 per credit). Expires 6 Months from purchase.

We also do offer Trial class for new comers*! Contact us to learn for details.

*Not eligible for non-resident/traveller. 

3. Courses sign up

Our courses offer the best value and maximum class benefits. Designed to suit everyone, they are an excellent way to keep fit, have fun and gain faster progress as smaller classes and 1-2-1 guidance means that you will pick up tricks, techniques and moves much quicker.

We aim to teach a series of moves that eventually become a fully choreographed routine. Courses run for 4 consecutive weeks. Further benefits include exclusive practice sessions and unlimited 2 credit classes. Space is limited! Sign up now to secure your place.


4. What other benefits do I get if i join?

As well as being on your way to the best body version of yourself there are many benefits to joining us. 

Discounted classes for members. 

Access to all classes across all of our studios.

A chance to enter our annual student showcase.

Loyalty and reward points. We reward you every time you attend a class. You will be able to exchange your points for class credits!


5. What should i wear?

  • Pole - gym shorts/boy shorts and tight fitting top.

  • All aerial arts classes - leggings covering back of the knee and tight fitting top.

  • Flyoga - comfortable yoga wear.

No shoes are required in all studio classes unless you have booked Stiletto Heel and Sexy Chair. Please remove all accessories and please do not apply body lotion on arms and legs before class.


6.  Do YOU accept male students?

Yes. Here at Aerial Arts Academy it is not the gender that is important but the passion. Nicolas and Milton are our resident male instructors. Male students are always welcome.


7. are there weight restrictions for classes?

No. However, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, it is advisable to get a doctor to authorise that you are safely able to attend our classes.


8. If i signed up for one location, Can i use my credits for other locations?

Your 'Pay As You Go' credits are for all locations and classes.  The 'Unlimited 2-Credit Standard Class Pass' may only be used for our standard classes.  Our courses need to be taken at the same time and location during the duration of the course.


9. Can I drop in to watch a class without participating? i'm really interested but don't want to commit yet.

Yes for the first 15-minutes! If there is a space available, and you decide that you would like to try, you can.


10. When ARE YOUR course INTAKES?

We register students for courses on the 15th of each month and start courses on the first Monday of the following month.


11. WHAT CLASSES ARE recommended to build strength and muscle?

All of our classes are designed to build strength and flexibility as well as be fun and stimulating. Speak to one of our experienced instructors to see which class would suit your fitness goals.


12. do you provide dancers FOR EVENTS?

Yes. Email with your details and requirements.


13. what do you charge for Private CLASSES?

Pricing Per Class
Off peak (Mon-Fri before 4pm, 1 person only)

  • 1 class $680

Peak time (Mon-Fri after 4pm and weekends,. Maximum 2 people.)

  • 1 class $1000

  • 2 to 4 class bundle $950 per class

  • 5 to 7 class bundle $900 per class

  • 8+ class bundle $850 per class

(Additional person $400 per class)


14. if i'm registered to one location and would like to switch to a different location. do i have to RE-REGISTER? 

We share our database across all locations so you don't have to do anything.  Just choose the location and class that suits you and sign up!


15. I AM ENROLLED oNTO A COURSE, What if I miss a class, can i attend a drop in class on a different day?

Within a booked 4-Week course there is 1 replacement lesson available. 



If you are unable to climb and invert please join a beginner class.  For those with more experience, please email or speak to one of our experienced instructors for an assessment of your skill level.


17. i would like to practice outside of my one hour class per week? where can i do this?

One of the advantages of being an Aerial Arts Academy member is that you can attend our open studio sessions for free.


18. Is there a min/max age for YOUR CLASSES ?

Under 13's must join our kids classes.

13 - 17 years old would need to sign a parental release form. 


19. what can i expect from a class?

All our classes include warm up and stretching and end with a cool down. Depending on the class level, you can normally expect to perform tricks, transitions, follow a short routine or add to a previous one. Our classes normally lasts 60 minutes.


20. Can I pay using Credit Card?

Yes, via PayPal. 



  • All studios are opened with limited schedule during public holidays. Please check the schedule in case of exceptions.

  • If T8 signal is hoisted during non-opening hours (10pm-10am), all studios will remain closed and will open 2-hours after the warning signal is lowered.

  • If T8 signal is hoisted during opening hours (10am-10pm), all studios will close 1-hour after the T8 warning signal is hoisted.

  • If T8 signal is lowered on or after 7pm, all studios will remain closed.

  • All studios will reopen in 2-hours if the T8 warning signal is lowered before 7pm.

  • For Black Rain, all studios will remain open if the warning signal is hoisted during opening hours.

  • If classes are cancelled due to public holidays or T8, pay-as-you-go members will not be charged and course members will get course classes rescheduled/replaced.

  • Classes will resume coinciding with the opening of the studio.


22. Is There any expiration date for your packages?

Each type of packages, private classes, courses or passes have their own expiration date. Once they have expired, we will not be able to extend them. If you can't finish your packages, please contact us before they expired. For all cash balance in members account, they will expired in one year, no extension allowed. 



No refunds will be given on pay-as-you-go credit, unlimited passes and courses purchased.  However we do allow conversions of credits to passes or course and vice versa.  

If there is a medical reason and you are unable to continue with your classes or courses, you will need to provide a medical note from your doctor to support your refund claim.  If management approves the refund it will take up to 31 working days to process.