Hey Wengi!  Great to talk to you today.  Can you tell us abit about why you started learning aerial?

I tried different types of exercise, such as yoga, and it was too boring for me, I wanted to look for something fun to learn. So when I found out about Aerial Arts Academy I decided to try it. It is so fun and challenging!


Why did you join showcase?

Showcase makes me so happy! I love it! It is unlike a regular class where you are just practicing your own moves independently, during showcase you unite with other students and really become a team. You get nervous together, you practice together, you stress about the show together. This feeling of sisterhood is really great.


What's your favourite moment from showcase?

You work really really hard for that one moment on stage and when it finally arrives, you have such a feeling of achievement and success. It doesn't matter whether you did well or not, you know that you gave your all to this.


How are you training?

I go to class 3 or 4 times a week, both aerial hoop class as well as conditioning and flexibility class. During showcase, I just practice our showcase routine like crazy. I take advantage of all the free training time that I can find.


Why should people come watch your show?

It is really special. There isn't anything else like it in Hong Kong. The atmosphere is really passionate, the audience members leave on a high. 


What is your biggest lesson from your aerial journey?

I used to be quite precious about my body. I would be so worried if I got even a scratch or a slight bruise on my skin. After training aerial, my attitude has changed, I realise life is too short to worry so much about these little things. I learnt to take the pain of training and become a tough lady. Getting through the challenge of learning aerial hoop has given me a great sense of achievement and I feel so strong now.