Hi Nana, thank you for sharing your story with us.  So tell us, why did you start learning aerial?

I love working out, and I love dancing. Aerial embraces both of these components. I’ve been practicing classical ballet religiously since I was 8 years old, and I find aerial arts and classical ballet are similar in a way. Both require stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility and at the same time there is the artistic side. You don’t just do your workout, but you are expressing yourself and emotion through the movements.


Why did you join showcase?

It is a great opportunity to showcase what I have been learning in the classroom, and my objective is to be able to deliver good entertainment to the audience while having fun on stage.


What’s your favourite moment from showcase?

The actual performance. The nerves mysteriously disappear once I am on stage and I can express myself even more than during the rehearsals. And I still remember the feel of wanting to dance more when the music is over.


How are you training?

I try to train aerial 2-3 times a week and cross train with yoga, ballet and cardio and stretching exercises to keep everything balanced. So actually I’m training constantly.


Why people should come watch?

Aerial art is something you need to practice regularly to be able to perform it well, so it is really interesting to see how non-professional aerial artists, that is, people with full-time jobs, or moms with kids, or students with paper deadlines and exams, are able to squeeze in time to train in their daily life and deliver an aerial performance. 


What is your biggest lesson from your aerial journey?

If you have a dream, believe that you can do something to achieve it. You might be surprised. I only could climb the silks after four months of aerial training last year, and now I am preparing myself for my second showcase. Something I couldn’t even remotely imagine when I first started to learn aerial arts!