Flyoga incorporates all the benefits and enjoyments of regular yoga and more.

As you focus on strength, flexibility and breathing, the benefits are numerous and incredible to your body and mind. 

Postures strengthen from inside-out, so not only will you look good, you will feel good. Each pose is carefully chosen to reinforce muscles around the spine, the very centre of the body. From this foundation, of which everything else operates, you will see better posture, alleviating many back, shoulder and neck problems.

You will achieve:

Greater flexibility - deeper, more fulfilling stretches and joints that achieve their full range of motion.

Better focus - it's likely your body isn't used to being suspended in air, therefore each move is more challenging and forces a higher awareness and alertness to the mind.

Strengthened, leaner muscles - great for working out the core due to the nature of having to stabilise and balance yourself throughout the session.

Improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength.

Better circulation to release toxins, promote better digestive, lymphatic and immune systems.

a calmer, more able to handle stress and happier you!


What to wear.

Long leggings and fitting clothing. No footwear required