Yoga's wellbeing rewards are widely known but as well as providing a great stress relieving flexibility session. This professionally instructed class has benefits that stretches to all the body's functions and for far longer than just the time you put into by practising in a class.

Beginning with a short breathing exercise, you will get into the first posture correctly bringing your attention to the breath and keeping awareness of your body. More postures will then be added and a flow will be achieved.

This 60 minute class will leave you feeling energised, calm and focused.

With further practice you will notice:

Improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength.

Leaner toned muscles

Joints that achieve their full range of motion.

Greater bone and cartilage health. 

Better circulation which helps to release toxins, promote better digestive, lymphatic and immune systems.

You are calmer, more able to handle stress and happier due to the increase of the hormone serotonin (happiness hormone!)


What to wear.

Comfortable clothing. No footwear required