We're adjusting pricing on 1 July 2016
Aerial Arts Academy is adjusting our pricing to more accurately reflect the value our members get from the flexibility and diversity of locations, instructors and services we provide.  At the same time we will be investing in increasing the value of services to you further by offering new packages.

Want a chance to still enjoy our former lunchtime pricing before a change is made?  Please click on the link below before 14 July 2016.

From 1 July 2016 these new prices will be in effect:

  • Lunchtime Monthly (Unlimited weekday 1pm-2pm) HK$1599/month

Buy Former Lunchtime Monthly at HK$1440 before 14 July  HERE

  • 2-credit Monthly (Unlimited 2-Credit Classes) HK$1999/month or Upgrade by purchasing any course and pay a upgrade fee of $699/month only

For most customers, this is a modest price increase.  For some customers the new unlimited packages will be great value for money.


  • Regular Privates

Does NOT include training and choreography for performance, competition.

  • Regular Off Peak (Weekday before 5pm) HK$650
  • Regular Peak HK$1000 (1 class) / HK$950 (per class 4-7 classes) / HK$900 (per class 8-11 classes) / HK$800 (per class 12+ classes)


  • Special Privates

Includes specific training and/or choreography for performance, competition and any other special requests. 

  • Special Beginner HK$1250 (1 class*) / HK$1200 (per class 4-7 classes) / HK$1150 (per class 8-11 classes) / HK$1050 (per class 12+ classes)
  • Special Intermediate-Advance HK$1500 (1 class) / HK$1450 (per class 4-7 classes) / HK$1400 (per class 8-11 classes) / HK$1300 (per class 12+ classes)

Have any questions or concerns?  Please email us on info@aerialartsacademy.com, we'll get back to you quickly :)

Our appreciation of your support always,

Aerial Angels
Aerial Arts Academy