Pole Dance - Intermediate 

For those who can perform basic spins, climbs and inversions or have taken the beginners monthly term courses; this intermediate pole dance class is designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary whilst focusing on musical and emotional connectivity.

Rather than executing independent movement, learn to combine tricks and spins into elegant and fluid arrangements to music, as your power and flexibility increases.

During class you will practise floor work, spinny pole, leg hangs, 1 handed spins, superman, laybacks, to name a few. There will also be opportunity for you to strut your sexy stuff when classes are taught in heels. 

With your newly toned and conditioned body, the next advance level calls!


What to wear.

Shorts that exposes the back of knees and tops of thighs. No body lotion. No footwear required for the first class, remaining classes footwear may be advised by the instructor.