Pole Dance - Advanced Level

Only for students who have completed intermediate monthly term courses, invited to the advance programme or those who have taken advance training at a different facility. 

You must be able to demonstrate:

Aerial invert

Shoulder mount

Handstand against pole

The bar is raised altogether with beautiful combo's demonstrating high quality movement designed to rapidly advance your personal pole style and strength.

With precise and dazzling routines, this class strives to improve your sense of musicality and expression in a unique and stylized class. Refine movements and enhance body awareness as you evolve the way you interact with the pole.

This is a personal investment programme and will transform your mind and body into becoming a better performer/dancer in the art of pole.

This is where the pros come to play!


What to wear.

Shorts that exposes the back of knees and tops of thighs. No body lotion. No footwear required