Nicholas Tang


Originally from Malaysia and currently based in Hong Kong, Nicholas is Aerial Arts Academy’s master instructor and the President of Next Pole Star.

Nicholas specialises in pole, aerial and choreography. Apart from teaching, he was part of the cast in Viva Circus Productions which includes Neverland, Secret Of The Lost Circus, and, Art Is Power and Femme Fatale and CRÈ.

Nicholas is known to be victorious in pole dance competitions, winning numerous championships in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and USA. Most recently he placed champion in the Philippine Aerial Cup competing in the category of Professional Men Aerial Hoop.

He had also been invited to judge in various international competitions across Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Thailand including the 2018 Airstars Championships in Bangkok.

Hong Kong China Pole Championship 2012 - Pole Fit Runner Up
Singapore Pole Challenge 2012 - Pole Art Champion
Pole Stars Malaysia 2012 - Overall Champion
China International Pole Championship 2013 - Pole Fit Champion and Overall Champion
China Aerial Competition 2013 - Aerial Hoop Champion
Pole Stars Malaysia 2013 - Pole Fit Champion and Overall Champion
Singapore Pole Challenge 2014 - Pole Art Champion
PPS Aerial Tournament 2014 - Aerial Hoop Runner Up
Reno Aerial Competition 2017 - Aerial Hoop 1st Runner Up
Philippines Aerial Cup 2018 - Aerial Hoop Champion


Detailed and meticulous. Nicolas will ensure your techniques are slick, professional and graceful with movement that allow artistic expression. Your body will never look the same again!


Dance choreography taken from life experiences. A true life imitates art mind set where his imagination is brought to life through the world of dance.


  • Pole Dance

  • Aerial hoop

  • Bendy Flexy

  • Move Sultry