Nataliia Bikmullina

After graduating from ballet school in the Ukraine at the age of 16, Nataliia performed with the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre. After an incident which resulted in injury, Nataliia stopped pursuing ballet professionally, but her love of dance and performance led her to aerial and pole. Here she found a new passion and outlet to express her creativity and desire to dance.

A two-time Hong Kong Pole Art Champion (2011 and 2012), Nataliia placed runner-up in Women’s Professional Hoop at the 2013 International Aerial Tournament in Hong Kong. In recent years, she has been invited on various occasions to partake in the judging panel of local and regional competitions.

Behind the scenes

Nataliia in action

With a background in Russian ballet, Nataliia is all about emphasising beautiful lines, form and perfect execution. In her class expect to be challenged with conditioning exercises to prepare you to achieve correct alignment, technique and improved flexibility. In her aerial classes, Nataliia will guide you to connect with your emotional and expressive side through the art of dancing.

Life and all its wonders and beauties

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Nataliia teaches

  • Contortion

  • Aerial Silks

  • Aerial Hoop

  • Stretch and Conditioning