Denise Tsui


An Aussie girl at heart, Denise moved from Melbourne to Hong Kong in late 2014 to pursue her career in the visual art industry and began teaching pole dancing several nights a week. Teaching bilingually has challenged and drastically improved her language skills, while a chance encounter with exotic pole in 2017 led Denise on a whole new journey towards finding confidence, sensuality and flow in her movement and dance. A growing interest in functional fitness and mobility saw Denise take up weightlifting, calisthenics and most recently, immersing herself in acrobatics and movement in her spare time.

Ever the goal seeker, Denise strives to raise the bar ever higher for herself and has been competing internationally since 2016.

She is a certified pole instructor through both XPERT Pole Fitness, and elevatED, training under Marlo Fisken. Denise is also a licensed Liquid Motion® instructor.


Her classes are addictive and high-energy. Her power-infused exotic pole style combines strength and sultriness while her floorwork classes focus on sensuality and liberating the body in movement. Meticulous on technique and safety, Denise encourages her students to continually challenge themselves while keeping a strong focus on body conditioning and body awareness.

People, creativity and arts. Be inspired by positive people, take a leap of faith with creativity and find the beauty of this world in art.



  • Pole Dance

  • Exotic Pole and Floorwork

  • Liquid Motion®

  • Acro Chair