Aerial Hoop - Intermediate and Advance

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Aerial hoop intermediate

Build strength and showcase flexibility. Learn to flip, turn, roll, pose and transition between positions.

Classes begin with a warm up of basic skills and progress into a fluid choreographed sequence to music. You will learn how to proficiently mount and dismount while the hoop is moving and build upon the basic skills acquired with the added focus on artistic performance.

There will be some prerequisites before moving onto the advance class, therefore there is no typical length to how long you should remain at this level.


Aerial hoop advance

For entry to this level you must be able to:

Have 1+ year working in hoop techniques

Demonstrate 3 unbroken pull ups

Show Intermediate level of flexibility, strength and stamina


This class focuses on sequencing, transitions and self choreography. Students at this level are invited to complete Aerial Arts Academy's instructor program, if they so wish.


What to wear

Comfortable clothing that cover knees, elbows and torso are a must. No footwear required.